The best bachelor business administration studies in the Netherlands

Bachelor business administration

Where are the best BBA or bachelor business administration studies in Holland? As you might know the Netherlands are at the forefront of high-rating business universities in the world. The BBA in Holland is internationally known for one of the best. This undergraduate business degree is offered at business schools all around the globe, but many students prefer the Netherlands. Why is this and which universities provide you the best bachelor business administration studies in the Netherlands?

Students from all over the world choose to study in the Netherlands because everyone talks and understands English. The country is safe and has a vibrant open-minded atmosphere. The quality of professors and their English-taught courses are top-billing. The best bachelor business administration studies in the Netherlands cooperate with the greatest entrepreneurs and companies to preserve you the highest quality you can find. Graduating at a Dutch university guarantees you a great career in the Netherlands or elsewhere, with higher than average starting salaries.

The best of the 14 bachelor business administration studies in Holland

In the Netherlands you’ll find 14 cities that offer a BBA, always suited to American graduating standards. The right choice to start a career in business and commerce, of a following study like an MBA, can be made in the Netherlands.

The best choice for graduating for your BA or BsA in the Netherlands is in Leiden or Amsterdam. We advise you to start your search at looking at these options in the western part of the Netherlands, near the Schiphol airport. Both cities are on top of all rankings compared to other business universities and their business faculties in other cities in Holland. The universities in the Netherlands for your BBA are constantly monitored for their quality standards.

Graduating for a BBA in the Netherlands gives you a solid preparation in your business career

A BBA gives you a solid foundation in commerce and business. The analytical, selling and strategic skills you learn pave the way to get also your MBA. Check also the possibilities for continuing your education in a graduate-level program. Choose for options like fulltime or part time study or even online.

Like other countries the BBA in the Netherlands provide you a 4 years undergraduating degree. Specializations are possible in for instance online marketing, international business, business law, accounting or human resources.

A country such as Holland is in the centre of the European business market. Bachelor business administration studies in the Netherlands guarantee you a strong preparation in a future business and sales career. Leiden and Amsterdam provide you the finest quality.